My name is Patricia and I'm the owner of Claudell Crafts.

Mother of three beautiful kids + 2 angels. Passionate about color, details, harmony, and celebrations.

Architect by profession, but graphic designer, pastry chef, and decorator by heart. I love flowers, balloons, and swings.

Claudell Crafts is a family business that started about 16 years ago when my eldest child was born, it was all an attempt to make her the best first birthday.

Times really flies now that I look back and remember all the challenges that celebration brought to me as a mother and as a mother and as a creative person.

Nowadays my 3 children and I enjoy developing new themes and we hope our customers like it as much as we do.

I count with a wide variety of tastes and ages to show them my designs before my clients can see them, they are very critical and sincere about my designs.

They have been my inspiration for over 16 years and my best advisers and I hope they continue to be for a bunch of years more.

Patricia &Co. (Valeria, Luis & Sofía)